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It all started with a dream. I remember watching beauty influencer and Makeup Artist Kandee Johnson religiously before the industry blew up to what it is today. That's really where i remember my passion for makeup beginning. I went through my "yikes" fazes; thick black liquid liner, thick eyebrows, thin eyebrows, heavy foundation and dark smokey eyes, spider lashes. I learned over the many years of trial and error on myself, and came to an understanding and gained an eye for beauty and how to accentuate features, rather than just applying the latest makeup trend. After high school, I decided I wanted to do more with my passion and set myself apart from others, and went to The Skin and Makeup Institute of Arizona in Peoria where I was taught by a respectable artist in the industry. My heart would pound and my mind would race with excitement when I heard her stories about different jobs she's done and who she has worked with. I thought I had known everything about makeup, but going to school to become a professional was a wake-up call. It may seem as simple as applying products, but it is so much deeper and requires the right creative mind and knowledge to understand the depths of what makeup can do. Going to school was worth it, I came in as a self taught dreamer and left as a determined professional! Makeup artists thrive in the city, but being from a small town in Arizona, my heart wanted to be home. I have been back since I graduated makeup school and have been freelancing and building my business in Northern Arizona as much as possible. I've worked with amazing local photographers for different projects and am loving the wedding industry and working with brides on their big day, the vibes are just so full of love and nothing makes me happier than making others feel confident and beautiful. I am ecstatic for what the future holds and am always looking forward to the next job. This is truly my passion, and my goal is to just keep growing with it!



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Northern Arizona Based

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